The Way
There is a way of being every human being is meant to be. This way allows, even celebrates, the full spectrum of culture and thought. This way brings freedom and contentment. This way requires no participation or membership in religion.

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About WAY2B
Recovering from too much religion

WAY2B attendees come from many religious backgrounds, lifestyles and family traditions. We are here to help you “just be,” minus religious practice or guilt, to be the author of your sovereign self, despite religious influences.

The primary problem seems to be the use of an ancient collection of writings known popularly as The Bible. Of the three-quarters of a million words found in these writings, only five percent of its content claims to originate with a famous speaker named Jesus. He, like so many teachers throughout the ages, taught a way of being that has no place in religion or religious practice. Moreover, he taught that religion is an impediment to being this way.

Our mission is simple. We do not have a clubhouse, a temple, a church, a mosque, a synagogue or a worship center. We meet in homes and meeting rooms to help each other maintain a private way of being.  We do not pray in public. We do not pass a plate, bucket or bag or perform any other public displays of giving. We do not pontificate or have liturgy. We do not genuflect; have communions or any other rituals. The ancient speaker did not teach “doing.” The Way to Be is about “being.”

The Way to Be provides a healthy life within. Have you ever known anyone with this way about them? They have nothing to prove. They are comfortable in their own skin. You can set them down anywhere. Would you like to have this way of being for yourself? Like the ancient speaker, we help others find freedom from the rigors of traditional religion and to know this way of being . WAY2B seeks to provide the peace of mind sought by societies throughout the ages.

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