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First presented by Elise Elrod, M.Div for the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America from the pulpit of Ebenezer Baptist, home church of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King.
Later published by Baptist Peacemaker 2006, Award of Excellence, Associated Church Press

Download File The Nature of Bias
Educational lecture concerning Bias: Half a loaf is not better than none when the giving of half a loaf drives the other half further into the distance. M. L. King: “...asking [one] to accept half the loaf and to pay for that half by waiting willingly for the other half...” ....

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Our journey to no more religion began as a couple, each of us from very religious families. After a successful engineering career, I was president of a local parachurch group and traveled to Gdansk and Warsaw, Poland. We had both been very busy in religion all our lives. Then, we began attending....

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"You will come away with the awareness that Elise is first of all a person you would like to have as a friend, secondly a person full of humor and wisdom, and only lastly a person with an unusual story to share..."